Hall A

Our first room, due to its size, can host power bands, as well as bands with lot of musicians. It has a set of Sonor Force 3007 drums with Paiste cymbals. For guitar players we have Orange Rockman-30 combo amp with 4×12” Musicman cabinet, one Fender Super Amp, the classic lamp amp with 4 10” speakers on it, and one Marshall DSL-100 with a 4×12 Fender cabinet,  a Laney VC-50 full valve combo   leading a 12” speaker, plus a 4×12 Fender cabinet. The bass players can use one head from Ampeq PF-500, Laney RBH800 or  Behringer BX300 with 4×12 Marshall JCM-800  cabinet. Sound output from this hall goes to a Behringer Eurodesk MX-2442 mixing console. Hall B

Our second room, offers an easy-to-get, lower level compact sound. The drum set is a piano black  SONOR AQ1 series with Paiste cymbals. The bass uses a Fender Rumble 350 or a Laney RBh800 heads with a Fender 4×12” cabinet. For guitar players there is a Marshall TSL-100 head with a 4×12 Marshall 1960A cabinet, one Mesa Boogie Nomad 55 combo amp, one Fender Dsp 212 combo amp and an  Orange Rockman-30 combo amp   with a 2×12 Marshall 1922 cabinet.

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